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The name partly comes from the Bible verse - Proverbs 31:16

"She goes to inspect a field and buys it:

  with her earnings she plants a vineyard."

It speaks of a woman who is not only entrepreneurial, but who is also decisive and industrious - and as a woman-led business that's who we aim to be daily. 

And the number SEVEN - simply means completion or that something has been completely fulfilled. With this we're not just talking about the job / project itself - but living a completely fulfilled life. 

So we are FIELD SEVEN.


Marissa Lewis is a proud Black & Ecuadorian-American  photographer based in Tampa, Florida who drinks way too much coffee and usually has a book in her hand. 


Since picking up a camera in 2017, Marissa has continued to learn how to better relay her vision, as well as those of her clients, to the world through strategic composition and her growing knowledge of color theory and lighting. In 2019, she added videography & cinematography to her arsenal of creative expression, drawn to the unique opportunity of encapsulating a moving moment in time and the ability to find beauty in even the most routine of movements. 

She approaches every project with a posture to first understand the goal and the why and then proceeds with confidence and empathy towards that goal. 

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